Train with Allen Hurst, Muay Thai & Kickboxing Instructor at the Rodrigo Resende Academy


Muay Thai and Kickboxing has returned to the Rodrigo Resende Academy, lead by seasoned instructor Allen Hurst!

Allen has over 21 years of martial arts experience, with numerous ranks in different martial arts, including karate, taekwondo, hapkido, most of his experience is in kickboxing/Muay Thai. He has trained all levels: from first timers, right up to the apex of professional fighting. Many of his years were spent training in Thailand under many world champions, as well as being coached by two-time world champion Brad “the Brick” Wall for 7 years prior to his move to Edmonton.

He is dedicated to teaching: proper technique, discipline (both physical and mental), and fundamental strategy. These are achieved through drills, padwork, and sparring sessions (in a controlled manner).

A philosophy that Allen teaches and trains by is: “that you should never stop learning, and always be open to new ways to train”.

Interested in joining? Sign up for a free week today or call us at (780) 960-1102!


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