THRIVE After School Program


The Rodrigo Resende Academy is happy to present the THRIVE After School Program. Registrations for Fall 2017 starting now!

The THRIVE After School Program provides your children with a safe, fun learning environment to develop physical, mental, and social skills to prepare them for life. Our trained staff not only lead the kids through martial arts and a variety of physical activities, but also help mentor them to be their best. We provide time and support for homework or extra learning initiatives, as well as some free play time in our rec room to build social skills with their
peers. There is no other program like THRIVE!

We are parents just like you and we want what is best for our children. We expect those who coach or care for our kids to do so with kindness, respect, patience, leadership, positivity, character, and integrity.

THRIVE is lead by:

Rodrigo Resende – Owner and Director

  • 3rd degree Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt
  • 4th degree Judo black belt
  • 25 years of practice and 13 years of teaching experience
  • NCCP Level 2
  • 10 years in Canada developing high level competitors, self defense programs for law enforcement, civilians and anti-bullying programs for kids

Natasha Rychlik – Program Manager

  • FITKIDS coach Certifications include:
  • AFLCA certified fitness leader
  • ACE sports conditioning
  • ACE youth fitness
  • EverActive KIDS
  • NCCP fundamental movement skills
  • Training for Warriors Level 1

The Rodrigo Resende Academy is hosting a THRIVE Open House on Saturday December 10th from 11am until 1pm (469 South Ave). Meet Rodrigo, Natasha and the staff, ask your questions, and learn more about how martial arts and social activities can benefit a child’s growth.

A Message From The Program Manager

Hi! Thanks for your interest in THRIVE! I am a proud Mom as well as a certified fitness leader, specialized in children and youth. I’m very excited to work with Rodrigo Resende Academy managing THRIVE after school program. THRIVE is a fantastic opportunity for families as I believe the practice of martial arts combined with functional fitness training is a winning combination for a lifetime of quality movement and self discipline. I hope that my knowledge and experience in coaching, business management and youth fitness will help ensure that THRIVE offers families an ideal solution to their after school scheduling needs.

Natasha, THRIVE



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