“The Classes are Always Fun & Exciting”

That’s what people are saying about Rodrigo Resende…

I have been grappling since I was 12 years old and training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for over 8 years now. For the past 3 years I have had the privilege of training with Rodrigo Resende and I can say without hesitation that he is the most technical Instructor I have ever had the opportunity to train with. My game has improved by leaps and bounds since I began training under Rodrigo and I look forward to each and every class. His wealth of knowledge and experience are a tremendous asset to any BJJ player and his friendly demeanor make the training both fun and educational. I honestly consider the Cia Paulista Rodrigo Resende Team to be part of my family and I would recommend and encourage anyone who is considering training BJJ to come out and see for yourself why myself, and many others are proud and privileged to train at Cia Paulista Academies.

Rob Thompson (28 years old, purple belt)

It’s easy to find a BJJ leader that is good at BJJ but a lot harder to find one that is deeply and sincerely committed to the growth of the individuals that he is leading. Rodrigo Resende has both and in measures abundant.

Craig Juta (34 years old, blue belt)

Studying Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Rodrigo Resende has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done in my life. In the past two years I have massively improved my fitness and made numerous friends. Nothing motivates me to get out and exercise like BJJ does.

Russell Timmerman (45 years old, blue belt)

After spending the last year training in Muay Thai I decided to extend my training into Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu but I didn’t know what club to join. I tried a few different places but they were not what I was looking for. Finally one of my Muay Thai coaches recommended Sensei Rodrigo Resende. After one class I immediately signed up, Sensei Rodrigo Resende is a great teacher, he has incredibly calm demeanor and always has a smile on his face. He is very patient with his new students and works through all the basics of the different techniques thoroughly before advancing to the more advanced techniques. For anyone looking to start BJJ or anyone looking to get back into training I would strongly recommend coming to a class with Sensei Rodrigo Resende.

Vic Gill (33 years old, white belt)

I’ve know Sensei Rodrigo for almost two years. He is a great teacher and all kids in class love him. The classes are always fun and exciting. Sensei is very kind and caring towards everyone. He has his own sense of humor and makes everyone laugh. He even has a saying “Lazy people do it twice”.

Nicci (14 years old, yellow belt)

I moved to Canada from Ireland start of 2011 and wanted to continue training BJJ, I got very VERY lucky and found the Cia Paulista team. I Couldn’t be happier, world class training here. At the risk of sounding cheesy I have to say it has changed my life training with these lovely people. I have learned so much about myself from BJJ. My Strengths, weaknesses and how to embrace them. The guys and girls are just a truly awesome family and have a wonderful training mentality. It’s tough, It’s rewarding. It’s just so much fun. I have made some of the best friends here. As for Sensei Rodrigo, he is as hard as a coffin nail and as gentle as a butterfly, you literally couldn’t meet a nicer guy and proud to call him a friend.

Dani Duh Bones (24 years old, white belt)

In my humble opinion, Cia Paulista Edmonton (Canada), headed by Sensei Rodrigo Resende, is the best BJJ club based in Edmonton. I can attest that Cia Paulista Edmonton boasts, top notch, “authentic” Brazilian instruction, a strong competitive team, and a group of fantastic, friendly people with outstanding values, which are a reflection of our leader, Sensei Resende. A typical training session under Sensei Resende at any Edmonton location is filled with top notch instruction, friendly people, and a highly positive environment to develop your skills in. Sensei Resende is an inspirational world class athlete in competitive Judo and BJJ, as well as a gifted instructor who is eager to pass on his extensive knowledge to his students. Everyone is always welcome to train in Rodrigo’s classes, whether or not you are someone new to the arts of Judo/BJJ, someone interested in Judo/BJJ for fitness, self-defence, or competition. Training sessions are highly challenging, while Rodrigo always ensures a safe and friendly environment for everyone at all levels. I am proud to be one of Sensei Rodrigo Resende’s students, and highly encourage everyone to come out to train with him and the rest of his Cia Paulista academy.

Darren Makeiff (38 years, blue belt)

I have known Rodrigo for 3 years and as I get to know him better I clearly understand he has a high degree of integrity, responsibility and leadership ability. He has the rare ability to interact with adults and children alike, providing the nucleus for people of all ages to practice BJJ in a safe controlled manner, whether for fitness, self defense or competition, and at the same time making it fun. We are lucky to have his technical skills to train us but more importantly his character to lead our team. Spruce Grove is blessed to have him as part of your community.

Hal MacDonald (54 years, blue belt)

Learning ju jitsu with sensei Resende has been an awesome experience. He and everyone of his students always goes out of their way to teach me the basics and always show me the upmost patience and respect. Ju jitsu is an amazing workout and is a lot of fun!

Luke Logan ( 32 years, white belt)

I like jujitsu because it is fun! Jujitsu is an awesome martial arts! It makes me feel more confident, and teaches me self control. Jujitsu also teaches how to be respectful, and makes me happy. Sensai Rodrigo is a terrific teacher!!

Alek Nielsen (8 years old)

I am happy to be able to learn BJJ from such a great teacher! Rodrigo cares about his students, and keeps the training fun. Best of all, I am in better shape now than I was 10 years ago.

Jonathan Leicht (45 years, white belt)

My son has been training under the direction of Sensei Rodrigo Resende. As soon as he joined the class I knew BJJ was going to be a sport he actually enjoyed attending. Not only does the class teach my son respect, dedication, perseverance, goal setting and the importance of be physically active, it has been a place where he can do what boys love best – grappling.

Sensei Rodrigo has also given my son something beyond the physical, something that cannot be measured – being a wonderful male role model. At the age of 7, my son’s father had passed away and having other male role models in his life is extremely important. When he is having a bad day, Sensei Rodrigo immediately knows and is able to life his spirits – he is SO happy when he comes out of class. Seeing Sensei Rodrigo down on the mat and rolling with the kids is such a wonderful sight. He truly is an excellent teacher not only for the BJJ skills, but also for the motivation and sincere caring he gives to each child.

Lisa Molo (Parent)

I like jiu jitsu because I get to have fun in class with my friends and I get to learn new things. Also I like it because if a bully would not stop picking on me, I would have to use jiu jitsu to make the bully leave me alone. When I first started jiu jitsu I thought would be very hard, but now I am more confident that I can do more things in jiu jitsu. Jiu jitsu is also fun because I can wrestle my friends without hurt them or get in trouble and I can try to choke my dad.

Kaden Bartley (9 years old)

My son has been in the Junior Grapplers program for 1,1/2 years. It has made a very positive impact on him not only in the Martial Arts aspect but in his everyday life. The concept of Jiu Jitsu teaches a smaller person to be able to over power a larger opponent by using techniques that use their size against them. This alone has substantially boosted his confidence, has given him the desire to succeed, attain goals in his schooling, martial arts and daily life. The interaction of the instructors with the students is one of they doing something they love to do, are proud of their students with each new technique they learn. In return you have a class of kids who really wants to be there. In 1,1/2 years I have never heard dad do I have to go to class tonight it’s always dad hurry up I need to get there. The class structure is one that combines fun, learning in a controlled, safe environment, the respect shown by all students, instructors alike ensures all students beginners or advanced feel great about being in class. How can a kid not do better in life when they feel good about themselves?

Harold Wiles (Parent)

Jiu Jitsu is a very fun thing to do. We have a very great Sensei! In Jiu Jitsu we learn all kinds of things like sweeps, arm bars, chokes and other positions! If we have some time at the end we can play a game. I think people should join Jiu Jitsu to have something to do, make friends and exercise. Jiu Jitsu is great for anyone that is interested in self-defence. You can try Jiu Jitsu first before you join. Jiu Jitsu is a very fun thing to do!

Jaydan Molo (9 years old)

The first time I met Rodrigo Resende was back in 2007 and I knew right away that he was going to be one of the most influential coaches I’ve had in my life. He did not only teach me judo or Brazilian jiujitsu, he has taught me how to be a man and showed me the good values in life. I have a lot of respect for him and he is a model for me of success. Rodrigo Resende can bring you to the level you wish to be in BJJ.

Maxime Raymond (23 years old, black belt in Judo, purple in BJJ)